Phoebe Dellar - LambornHill

Why I became an estate agent

I have always enjoyed working with the public and helping people. On the side, I was always on the lookout for houses, I was just curious and would find myself on Rightmove browsing at different properties. Then I thought to myself, why not combine the two?  That’s what I have done, and I have not looked backed since.


I started my estate agency career in 2019 working on the Isle of Sheppey after shortly having arrived back in the UK from gran Canaria where I had the amazing opportunity to live for a year. I quickly realised that I had a passion for selling houses and helping people with one of the biggest decisions they will probably make. After having built up knowledge in estate agency I decided it was time to broaden my horizons. Lamborn and hill gave me that opportunity. I am now able to help people within a larger area find their perfect home.


In my free time I love to go on longs walks and spend my time outside in the open. I enjoy going out for meals and exploring new places and destinations. I love travelling having seen various countries and been on an amazing tour of Europe.  I’ve been kept busy recently with the re decorating of my house (mainly because I can’t make a decision) which is hard when you see so many beautiful houses as a part of my job. I hope to go on many more adventures in the future.

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