With rent rising, private landlords have never had a better time to buy and rent a property

13 Jul 2021

The impact of the coronavirus left everyone feeling uncertain about the future of the housing market. Everywhere you looked, people were asking questions like:

• Are people going to look to buy rather than rent a property?
• How are people out of work or furloughed going to deal with rising rents?
• Are private landlords going to go out of business with everyone leaving the cities?

Alas, there could be an end in sight, and it seems that the housing market has seen some positive outcomes from this whole debacle.

Time To Rent Out A Property You Own

With restrictions easing and people flooding back into the major cities, there's never been a better time to purchase a rental property. While people may have enjoyed living out in the suburbs for the past 18 months, it's clear that many people are choosing to return to their old ways of life.

Target areas in city centres are becoming highly sought after by renters looking to get back to the buzz of city life.

As of right now, with the number of excellent mortgage deals being offered to first-time buyers, there has never been a better time to invest in a rental property. As a result, not only is the number of people looking to rent increasing but so too are rental prices.

With the general uncertainty over the country's economic future, people are becoming more cautious about investing in property. And, as a result, they are choosing to stick with rental properties.

What This Means For Private Landlords

As the leading letting agents in Sittingbourne, here at LambornHill, this isn't the first time we've seen big shockwaves in the market. We started in 2009 amidst the global financial crash, and we know from experience that there's always a silver lining.

If you're an existing private landlord or looking to become one, LambornHill can help. We offer accurate and honest valuations of properties to provide you with all the data you need to make an informed decision about putting your property on the rental market. Once we've valued your property, we can also list it for you, and we guarantee to get you a fantastic rental price.

If you don't currently own a rental property, we can help locate and purchase one that suits your needs and budget.

We understand that entering the rental property market can seem daunting. Still, we pride ourselves on helping our customers from start to finish to ensure that the process is seamless and straightforward.

Get ahead and start your property journey today. If you'd like to know more, speak to one of our rental property specialists today.

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