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Built on a foundation of recommendations and with some of the best reviews for our lettings services, our teams are highly fluent in the local culture, business connections, and amenities available. Click here to download our lettings brochure.

Appraise your property

An accurate property valuation is crucial to setting the right rental price that is in line with market trends...

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Hire a Property Manager

Consider hiring a property manager through your estate agent to showcase your property in its best condition a...

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Accept the Offer

Consider every tenant and offer because that’s the best way to know how much your property is worth, what tena...

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Utilities & Appliances

All instruction manuals or leaflets, in English, must be left at your property for all appliances, the central...

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Insurance & Safety Checks

We pride ourselves on acting in the best interests of our clients and providing a comprehensive service backed...

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Enjoy every property move you make with LambornHill. We’re one of Kent’s highest-rated Estate Agents, offering you the benefit of our tried and trusted local experience

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