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Why Buy with LambornHill?

Our agency has grown steadily over the years, built on a foundation of recommendations, reputation, and respect. So, our network has grown too — today, we’re the first choice for anyone buying in Sittingbourne, Isle of Sheppey, and the surrounding Kent country.

Consult a Mortgage Advisor

Getting your finances in order is an important first step to buying a property. Consult your bank and mortgage...

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Consider a Property's Location

There are many beautiful villages and neighbourhoods in Sittingbourne and on the Isle of Sheppey - think local...

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Arrange Viewings

Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases in our lives, so make sure you go to as many viewings as you ca...

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Hire a Solicitor

A solicitor can help you handle your property transaction and oversee the end-to-end buying process, from liai...

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Make an Offer

Once you have found your dream home, put in an offer through your estate agent, who will negotiate on your beh...

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Enjoy every property move you make with LambornHill. We’re one of Kent’s highest-rated Estate Agents, offering you the benefit of our tried and trusted local experience

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